Are You Sick and Tired of the Success You Deserve Passing You By…

"The High-Income Mortgage Originator" Will Teach You How to Survive and Thrive No Matter What Interest Rates Are Doing or Where the Economy Is Headed!

Now You Can Harness the Secrets and Tactics of Top Performing Mortgage Originators Who Have Survived the Ups & Downs, and become a High Income Mortgage Originator

Dear Friend,

Why now? When the idea for this book was presented to me, I thought the timing was rather odd. After a long period of seemingly endless low interest rates and inventive (though not necessarily constructive) ways to reduce monthly mortgage payments, it was apparent that the boom that had brought success to so many had to end. While the crash that eventually resulted in tens of thousands of originators, brokers, and lenders going out of business had not yet peaked, the signs pointed to the coming of a severe downturn in the residential mortgage market. So why write a book guiding people into the industry now?

The more I thought about it, though, I realized that this was exactly the right time for a book that addresses the practices and strategies for survival and growth through the rough spots and the smooth.

I started thinking about what has allowed my mortgage firm, Mortgage Services, Inc., to enjoy over 20 years of growth in spite of industry ups and downs. Larger firms, some nationally known, hadn’t weathered the storms. What allowed us to? It wasn’t that we had more or better information or knowledge about the industry and markets. It wasn’t that we had better products to sell (you’ll learn that we all get our money from the same sources). So what was it? And, how could I share this strength with those already in the business, and with those considering mortgage origination as a new career?

I set out to provide down-to-earth, real live conversations and training to give the novice not only a good foundation of information about the business of originating loans, but also provide both the novice and the established originator with the tools to allow them to sell effectively and generate business, no matter what the market conditions are.

I’m a firm believer in measuring and tracking actions and results to make informed strategic and tactical decisions, and I started looking at the sources of our business. In an industry not known for its customer loyalty, we enjoy an extraordinarily large percentage of our business originating from past customers and referrals. I also know that our marketing efforts result in a steady stream of in-bound calls—prequalified leads—regardless of market conditions. How are we able to do that? What makes us different?

What enables us to attract new customers and keep existing ones? It is a combination of what we know, what we do, and who we are in our interactions with prospects and customers.

“’The High-Income Mortgage Originator’ is a must read for anyone starting out in the industry or changing careers. I found that the book clearly illustrated the necessary information, skills, and knowledge needed, complete with forms and tools, to get started in the business. More importantly, the authors emphasized the service side of the mortgage business, which would greatly benefit someone starting out.” Mary Sue Cavanagh, Executive Director, EntrepreneursNOW, Inc.

Many books can tell you what you need to know about mortgage origination. Rather than focusing the extensive technical information in this book around the completion of forms, as many books do, I thought it most useful, particularly for the novice, to introduce the technical material in the context of numerous interactions with prospects and clients. Not satisfied with telling you what you need to know, I include overviews of the industry and loan process to explain why you need to know it, and how and why the information you collect is used in the loan process.

In addition to what a mortgage originator has to know, people considering entering the business want to know what a mortgage originator does. You walk into your office and sit down at your desk—then what? In addition to taking you step-by-step through the loan process with a prospect, the book offers simple-to-use tools and clear procedures to track specific actions, measure and interpret your results, and take corrective actions to improve your effectiveness at every step. A “Day in the Life” lays out a schedule of daily activities that covers all the bases for building a solid base of loyal clients.

"The High-Income Mortgage Originator" Will Show You How to Skyrocket Your Earning Power, Attract the Relationships You Want, and Create an Unstoppable and Prosperous Mortgage Business Without a Struggle

High-income mortgage originators are sales people. Even if you have never sold anything in your life, you can learn to sell. My first sales job was a disaster. The cold sweats, the upset stomachs, dry mouth, and damp palms made things harder than they had to be. Over the course of 40 years I learned to sell, and sell very, very effectively, and so can you. This book gives you the benefit of all my experience—my mistakes as well as my successes—so that it won’t take you 40 years to have the skill and confidence to close most of the prospects with whom you talk. Beginning with lead-generation to bring business to you, the book provides cases and examples that result in effective marketing campaigns. Again, using the loan process as the structure, the book provides scripts and insights into a way of thinking that get to the heart of the matter what is important to prospects, so that without pressure or gimmicks they willingly move forward at every step in the process.

“The author writes step by step procedures in detail, spelling out regulations and including forms. Key communication skills and operating practices are explained throughout the text. This book truly will provide a business opportunity for readers who take it seriously.” Byron Eddy Waterman, EdD, Connecticut Adult Education System

Finally, I know that it is our customer-focus and integrity—doing what we say, when we say, the way it should be done—that really make the difference. We recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and a genuine interest in our prospects and customers, and doing so builds the trust and respect for which our customers acknowledge us with their loyalty and referrals. Each chapter addresses the mind-set—for both the prospect and the originator—that builds relationships and closes deals.

“This book is truly the single most helpful book I have ever read on the subject. Its concise and to the point nature makes what is usually a dry topic a quick and surprisingly enjoyable read. I highly suggest you pick up this book; it will help you more than you can imagine. If I could give it more than five stars I would. 10/10” – Edward Q. Nigma

By addressing the three ingredients that make us successful regardless of industry ups and downs—knowledge, process, and attitude—this book not only gives beginners a quick start on the path to financial freedom and success, earning money as they learn, but provides an enduring source of references, examples, and business practices to bring any mortgage originator to new levels of achievement and success. Tips, advice, and best business practices in each chapter create a solid foundation to establish and grow a customer base and a thriving, money-making business. Combined with solid and complete information about mortgage instruments, the book’s practical, step-by-step business orientation prepares readers for the marketing, selling, and customer relations activities needed to attain success quickly.

“I love the book. I am a seasoned originator (18 years), but this had a lot of good refresher information...things that I know, but needed to have brought to the forefront especially in this market. I think this would be an awesome book for someone just starting out!” Stacey Hunter, Loan Originator

So grab hold of this and utilize every gem inside no matter where you find yourself today in terms of achieving what you want in life. This book will teach you all the little known keys to achieving success in the mortgage business… how to systematically implement strategies …and teach you the keys to developing lasting and prosperous relationships. "The High-Income Mortgage Originator" will uncover

  • How to Make Money Selling Money and Fulfilling Dreams – What do you want? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to make a lot of money? Do you want to be the one to say how much you earn? Do you want to meet new people and help them solve problems? Do you want to work in an industry that will challenge your ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness? Do you want the security of knowing that no matter what economic ups and downs occur, you have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create your own opportunities and continue to grow your income? If so, then “The High-Income Mortgage Originator” will launch you into a career that has all that and more. And it will give you all the information, tips, tools, and practices you need to become a high-income mortgage originator.
  • Understanding the Big Picture - When you understand what motivates a borrower, how the process works, and the role of each of the major players, you can efficiently provide loan products that make sense and lead to closings.
  • The Players: Defining Your Interests and Those of Borrowers, Lenders, and Brokers – By understanding the context in which others operate you will be able to respond to their needs, concerns, and motivations, and provide what they want, need, and expect from you as the mortgage originator. “The High-Income Mortgage Originator” will teach you how to operate with an appreciation of their world and give you a tremendous advantage when you need their help to close a loan.

  • Generating Leads, Prospecting, and Keeping Score - Learn the pros and cons of different ways to define your markets and different methods to reach them. What do you need to know about choosing markets and delivery methods? How do you know which marketing strategy is the right one? How do you know if your marketing is working and is cost-effective? Learn to measure, track, and look at your numbers to identify opportunities and actions for improvement.
  • Moving a Lead to a Prospect – 8 Rookie Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - With so many competitors to choose from, the mortgage originator in whom borrowers have the most confidence, and the one whom they feel has their best interests in mind, is the one who wins their business. Your job is to get them to see that, and avoiding these Rookie mistakes will save you a lot of money. But my goal is that once you’ve made the mistake, these words will allow you to see clearly what didn’t work, so that you can avoid making the mistake again. And again. And again. And so that it won’t take you 40 years to master the art of salesmanship, or to become a high-income mortgage originator.

“If you’re serious about a career in the mortgage industry, then this is the bible. A must read, a must have!” - Donald A. Polletta, Mortgage Originator, Mortgage Services, Inc.

  • Taking the Mortgage Application - Anyone can fill in a form. A pro uses it as a selling tool. Is the mortgage application (1003) a long, detailed, required form? Yes. It looks formidable to the uninitiated. But in the right hands (yours), it is an effective sales tool that can be used to learn what is of interest and value to the prospect.
  • Interpreting Credit Reports and Ratios, Building Trust - Regardless of what the scores tell you about where the prospect is in terms of qualifying for a loan, you will learn to use the “bad news, good news” approach to define the problem and set yourself up as the solution.
  • Determining the Right Product for Your Prospect - The mortgage market is constantly changing. Forty years ago, the options for a residential mortgage were limited. Now there are all sorts of ingenious ways to lend money and structure paybacks. Your challenge is to match up your prospect’s needs and qualifications with a loan product that makes sense to both the borrower and the lender.
  • Selling A Proposal That Makes Sense – Learn the secret classification system that will have you converting your leads to loans like crazy. Listen to key remarks, questions, and signs that indicate where the prospect’s thinking is leading him, how to classify prospects, and put them on the path to the closing table.
  • Creating a Customer Relations System - The secret to your long-term success as a high-income mortgage originator is your ability to build, cultivate, and nurture the relationships you develop with clients as they go through the loan process. Satisfied customers are your best source of business. Most have friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues who own homes or who are looking to buy a home. And they all need mortgages. You may think that since you took the application and sold the loan, that you have finished your job. I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that you accomplished the task, but the job is not done. The good news is that if you follow the strategies outlined in this book your phone will be ringing with qualified borrowers every day.
  • The Loan Package: Preparing the Loan for Processing - Now is the time for attention to detail. A properly prepared loan package facilitates the loan’s smooth processing, underwriting, and closing, and reinforces your professionalism and goodwill with your client. Done poorly, it creates doubt, mistrust, ill will, and delays in closing that cost you not only this loan, but also the future referrals this customer could have provided to you. High-income mortgage originators take the time to complete this important step thoroughly and accurately, and they reap the benefits.
  • The Wrap Up: Closing the Loan - You are in the final stretch toward the closing. With the assistance of file processors and closing specialists, your client’s attorney should have everything he needs to conduct the closing to everyone’s satisfaction. Learn how to prepare your client properly; there will be no surprises at the closing.

Being a high-income mortgage originator is not for everyone. You’ll have to make your own decisions and adjust to being compensated for the results you produce rather than for the time you put in. And you will have think creatively as the day passes quickly with a variety of activities. Does all this sound good? If so, I know that anyone who is committed to succeed can succeed, and “The High-Income Mortgage Originator” will put you on the most efficient path available.

Now, the amount of time I’ve spent on compiling and organizing all of this information is almost incalculable…because it’s not only recently researched information, but it also the culmination of over 40 years of experience of training loan officers this kind of knowledge.

And if I charged you my normal rate of $250 dollars an hour for my time spent on the research and writing this book it would skyrocket the price and make it unattainable for many people. The price would run into well into the thousands of dollars.

“The authors have produced a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful mortgage originator. The book will benefit both the entry-level and seasoned originator.” .” – Anthony N. Gugliotti, Vice President, Naugatuck Savings Bank

But I think back to the days I started out and what it took to get me going. Training people to become highly successful is truly a labor of love. In fact I am going to give you a 30 day money back guarantee. That’s right - you can work with The High Income Originator for 30 days don’t find the value just return the book and receive a full refund no questions asked. I just want to bestow upon you every possible piece of information to succeed.<

And Because I’m Committed To Your Success I Am Going To Step Up
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BONUS #1- 9 Downloadable customizable tracking & statistical logs ($47 value) High-income originators never have a question about where their next deal is coming from or where they need to go, or what they have to do to get it. Having these forms is comparable to having a GPS system in your automobile - one quick look and you know exactly where you are, and without it you are only guessing. These are the exact tracking forms used and developed by our top-performing loan officers, and will never leave you guessing where your next deal is coming from or how well you are performing.

BONUS #2- 7 Downloadable and Customizable Client Retention Series Marketing Letters ($37 value) – As a high-income originator you already have enough to do without writing letters. Download and customize these seven pre-written letters to get you going. Letters Included: Client Open Letter, Referral Thank You, Status Letter, Closing Letter, Three-Month Post Closing Letter, Six-Month Post Closing Letter, and One Year Post Closing Letter.

And that’s Not All…..

I am clear that if you already read this far you are a person that is truly committed to your success, and as a business owner I also know what it takes mentally and emotionally to be at the top of your game day in and day out. That is why I am going to offer you my secret weapon for combining the practices of The High Income Mortgage Originator with the tools, and insight of my high powered Entrepreneurial Experience Course.

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  • How Having The Right Answer WON’T Make It Happen
  • The 5 Rules Of Selling Skip Them At Your Own Peril!
  • How The Behavior of Others Does Not Dictate Your Behavior
  • Trying Harder -A Stop In Disguise!
  • Finding Where Opportunity Lives

“There are many programs out there that will tell you the ‘how to’ of starting a business. But so much of life has to do with attitude, thinking and reality we create with our mind. We need a program that demonstrates that how we are is just as important as what we do…That is the focus of 'The Entrepreneurial Experience'.”–P Lopes, Principal, Strategic Management Consulting for major Telecommunications company

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Richard Giannamore
Mortgage Services, Inc.

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